Technical Specifications

VN02 Equipments

VN02 Standard Basic: electric speed manual control by invertion of pump and turbo, suitable for sponge cake, plumcake, cakes, etc. [*it comes without cooling system (chiller) or heating system (cover)]

VN02 Electronic : controlled electronically by PLC and touch screen, communications network card, setting and backup of recipes by touch screen, etc. [* it comes without cooling system (chiller) or heating system (cover)]

OPTIONAL 1: Cooling system complete of chiller, pipes and fasteners (temperature down to +5° Celsius degrees), suitable for sponge cake, whipped cream, etc.

OPTIONAL 2: Heating system (cover) electric, suitable for chocolate, etc.

OPTIONAL 3: Planetary, suitable for sponge cake, meringue, whipped cream, etc.

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