Aeration process

Aeration consists in the process of introducing a gas, such as AirCO2, Nitrogen, etc., into a liquid or viscous mixture giving the end Food Product more volume and a lighter consistency (key features in baked goods). It make possible decreasing  the quantity of rising agents, emphasizing taste and aroma and enhancing stability of the product during time.


  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Measurable Results (up to 30% of air or gas incorporated)
  • Compact Design
  • Versatility (configuration for both continuous and alternating cycle processing)
  • Modularity (high level of integration within existing plants).

Field of application

Pastry (sponge cakes, meringues, plum cakes, muffins, mousse, chocolate, ice cream, etc.)

Sauces and savoury products (mayonnaise, sauces, emulsions, jelly, etc.)

Baked goods (pizza, bread, crackers, sour dough, etc.)

The air incorporated


Suitable for the food and pastry industry VN02 is designed for emulsifying, kneading, whipping and homogenizing by insufflation of air and/or gas.

Innovative equipment, it can be set for continuous or alternating cycle processing and stands out among other mixers because it’s composed by modular parts which are quick to assemble, simplifying the cleaning process too.

Lastly, the revolutionary technology of VN02 guarantees energy and time savings.

VN food aeration

VN food aeration